With a membership, you can book courts, join groups, participate in activities, and register for camps & events in our new club management software: Court Reserve.

Our aim is to ensure that all our members have their fair share of court time. We will monitor court and event availability and we may modify court and/or event registration restrictions as required throughout the season.

2024 membership fees:

  • Adult: 110$ (18 and over)
  • Youth/Junior: 60$ (17 and under)
  • Family: 200$ (Max 2 adults + their children under 18, all living at the same address)
  • Day Only Adult: 80$ (use of courts before 6:00pm only)

Club Rules

  • Current membership or guest fees are required to play on our courts.
  • When participating in Tennis or Pickleball mixers or other club events, the event hosts will assign courts.
  • Guest fees are valid for one court booking only (max 2 hours) or participation in one of our mixers.
  • Shirts and proper tennis footwear must be worn on the courts
  • Rude, abusive or aggressive language is prohibited
  • Please observe the “Tennis Canada Rules of the Court” and the “Code of Tennis” (see Publications link)
  • Court booking is not mandatory, but players who have booked a court get priority over those who have not booked.
  • If you are more than 10 minutes late for your court booking, the booking is cancelled and others may use the court.
  • Only certified instructors who are officially authorized by Elmridge Park Tennis Club management are permitted to offer paid lessons on our courts.
  • If you are the last to leave the facility, please lock the front gate to the courts.
  • If you are the last to play pickleball, loosen all pickleball net fasteners and move the nets to the side.
  • Please ensure there is no water or debris on the court before playing. A broom and squeegee are available near the court entrance door. Keep the courts and surroundings clean.
  • Follow court etiquette:

    • Timely Access to Courts

      • Leaving the courts: Stop playing 3-5 minutes early, to make sure you’re ready to exit the court before the next reservation is set to start. Do not leave any litter or belongings on the court.
      • Arriving at the courts: Remain outside the court gates until your assigned court is free or until your reservation time begins (whichever comes first).

    • Respect Players on the Court (or Adjacent Courts)

      • Talk quietly if you are next to courts that are in use (unless all people on the courts are participating in a “loud” event)
      • Do not cross behind a court while a point is underway. When the point is over, move quickly across the back of the court.
      • During busy times, use the gate that is closest to your court.
      • Ensure any equipment you are not using (bags, drinks, clothes… etc) are placed out of the way and will not present a hazard to players changing ends or moving for a wide or long ball.

    • Be Considerate when Retrieving or Returning Balls

      • If a ball from your court goes onto (or behind) another court, wait for a break in play on that court (and any courts in between) and then politely ask for the players on that court to return the ball.
      • If the ball presents a danger to a player, alert them immediately.
      • Return balls that come onto your court at a break in play on the other court.
      • If a ball comes into your court and disturbs your game, call a let and replay the point after returning the ball

Refund Policy

Elmridge Park Tennis Club offers a refund of the current membership fee in the following circumstances and with these provisos:

  • If injury or illness prevents a member from using his/her membership.
  • The refund request must be submitted in writing no later than June 30th.
  • The request must be supported by medical documentation.
  • The refund is subject to a $20 administration fee.

Elmridge Park Tennis Club reserves the right to refuse any refund request and is under no obligation to grant a refund.