Elmridge Park Tennis Club Activities

*We host fun tennis and pickleball mixers (free for members):

  • Tennis – Tuesdays at 6:30pm: Our monitor or volunteer will organize matches. We’ll even supply the tennis balls. Registration for this event is not required.
  • Sunday mornings for 3.0+ players(start time varies): If you ask to be added to this group when you register and you will receive weekly invitations.
  • Pickleball – Volunteers will organize matches.  We can even lend you a racket if you need one!  Starting in June 2023, we will have 4 pickleball courts. Pickleball mixers happen:

*We offer free tennis clinics in the months of May and June:

*Join the tennis ladder:

  • You can sign up through Court Reserve.
  • Singles tennis for women and men of all skill levels
  • It’s a great way to play against players of a similar skill level and meet other players! 
  • Participants will be split into brackets (groups of about 4-5 players), based on skill level. 
  • You will have 4 weeks to play everyone in your bracket. 
  • Based on # of wins/losses, players can move up, move down or stay in the same bracket. 
  • Members can join at any time through Court Reserve.
  • MORE INFO including full rules.

*Play one of our monitors:

  • Monitors are present every evening, 6-9pm, except Saturday.
  • You can reach out to them ahead of time (monitors@elmridgetennis.com) to set up a match or just try showing up.

*Use the facilities for practice:

  • Use the practice wall on court #4.
  • Ask one of our monitors to show you how to use the ball machine and take it onto court #4.
  • Grab one of the ball hoppers in the clubhouse.